Sunday, July 11, 2010

Neighborhood Preview

So, as some of you know or have heard, Austin is a pretty eclectic, or shall we say "proudly weird" city. My neighborhood has quite an array of creativity. I could (and will) probably have several posts just showing all my discoveries on my walks. Here's a quick preview, but first I must introduce you to my partner in crime Madi (and reason with the photos may be a bit crooked....she's a puller)

First stop, Agave. These prehistoric looking succulents are more common than your average crape myrtle around here. And no, this photo is not taken at an angle. It really is this tall.

Pre-makeover Meets Post-makeover

with a bit of modern thrown in...

Um...not quite sure about this one...I think I prefer the massive Agave...

A little Texas Hospitality

Totally dig this

And we all know I love me some green

Does this make anyone else this Hansel and Gretel?

And finally we have.....

A little more modern with a nice solution to the garage-facing-the-street (stay tuned for more on this. I have been impressed with the creativity in this area)

Things are becoming more familiar here. I can at least take a walk without requiring my GPS! This really is a neat should make for some fun posts :)